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Awesome OCs of Deviantart by skygazer17
Awesome OCs of Deviantart
Here are some of the OCs from other deviants that I love! Some of them you might recognize.

Gangfield © :iconthe-ez: (from Valiard Mansion. Always looks dapper, has dimples, is immortal, has a rat for an accomplice)
Ted © :iconsteedangus: (is a hero but he don't even know it)
Annie Mei © :icondctb: (awesome pink hair and green floaty thingies)
Cati and Andreas © :iconmaripazvillar: (I love their awkward and adorable relationship!)
Yacine © :iconeokani: (because *swoon*)
Meera © :iconflagella: (mysterious angry pink-skinned girl)
Sara © :iconhennalucas: (From The Paper Stars. She's not afraid to speak her mind)
Teen Deer © :icondetkef: ("deer friend")
Zee Captein © :iconalexiuss: (from Romantically Apocalyptic. somehow stays positive in post-apocalyptic conditions. all hail zee captein)
Nezah, Toch, and Mier © :iconturtle-arts: (From the webcomic Sky Herder. Some of my favorite character designs)
Dexter © :icondrobvirks: (from the webcomic Seed. always has a smile on his face)
Jack and Delmareve © :icondykah: (so excited for Dykah's webcomic Avalia :)
Enel © :iconlostie815: (from The Silver Eye webcomic. He has great fashion sense as you can see)
Ira and Noelle © :iconmaybelletea: (cute couple and masters of figure skating)
Can Ya Hear The Empty Spaces? by skygazer17
Can Ya Hear The Empty Spaces?
My submission to Disney-club . The theme is live-action Disney movies. Holes is definitely my favorite. I tried to imagine how it would look if it were a 2D animated movie. Here is the Warden, one of my favorite villains. I spent tons of time on this, and my only regret is that I didn't have time to draw Mr. Sir. :(
Bionicle Sketchdump 1 by skygazer17
Bionicle Sketchdump 1
Since I know I have quite a few Bionicle watchers, this one goes out to you! I'm getting better at the art of sketchdumpery!! :)

As you can see, there's lots and lots of Takua (couldn't help it, he's my favorite).
Top left: some of the Toa Nuva. I have had trouble solidifying designs for the others. :/
Top right: Nokama as a Toa and a Turaga
Center: Macku and Hewki (flirting of course) with annoyed Takua in the background. I had this theory that Takua always secretly liked Macku, but she always saw him as a little brother, also because she's about a head taller than he is. Instead she falls for Hewkii in all his prideful shirtless ladies-man-ness. I wanted to give him an athletic soccer guy build
The rest: Takua, Hahli, and Jaller. Why is it that I always pictured Jaller as a blonde?

More Bionicle Art:……
So you know how sometimes you come across another person who does art and you're like whaaaaa what if they are on deviantart but you don't want to ask for fear that they will be like "what's a deviantart?" and you'll just say "stress oh it's nothing, just some art website" (which is also my second home where I can INDULGE IN ALL MY NERDY SHENANIGANS  spaz kermit ) but then sometimes you find out that they have one and then you become instant friends? Jake Gasp 

Yeah, anyways, GO WATCH —> SteedAngus :iconsteedangus: <—
He's my cross country teammate and a hella talented artist and IS GOING TO DO GREAT ART THINGS IN LIFE. DON'T MISS OUT.

And here are some great emoticons for the road:
Clem Epic face Frog dance Lee Epic Dance Creepy stare Dancing Pumkin head 3 Madplz .:Sokka on Cactus Juice:. Angry Groot


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